sampleDict example in OpenFOAM

To sample data from OF case solution you can use sampledict file in case/system folder with the following content:

interpolationScheme cellPoint;

setFormat raw;

            type uniform;
            axis y;
            start ( 0 0.5 0.25 );
            end ( 0 2 0.25 );
            nPoints 100;

fields ( sigmaxx );


To plot the data with Gnuplot you can use the following script:

plot 'postProcessing/sets/100/leftPatch_sigmaxx.xy' using 1:2 w lines, ''
set terminal postscript portrait enhanced mono dashed lw 1 'Helvetica' 14
set output '1.png'


set terminal png transparent nocrop enhanced size 450,320 font "arial,8" 
set output 'plateHole.png'
#set key inside left top vertical Right noreverse enhanced autotitle box lt black linewidth 1.000 dashtype solid
plot [0.5:2] [0:] 'postProcessing/sets/100/leftPatch_sigmaxx.xy' title 'openfoam', 1e4*(1+(0.125/(x**2))+(0.09375/(x**4))) title 'analytic'

You can download example here: platehole archive I or platehole archive II.